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Canada produces approximately 3 million pounds of wool a year, the majority of which is sold on the international market at extremely low prices that do not benefit the farmers producing the wool or the Canadian wool manufacturing industry. We do not currently have a comprehensive national strategy for growing our domestic wool industry, but now is the time for a shift in leadership, representation and the revitalization of the industry.

The future of the wool industry in Canada is regional processing systems and innovative products and technology. When wool processing is supported and promoted in Canada we will see the following benefits:


  • Reduction in emissions from the transporting of wool and finished good globally

  • Rural community development and employment opportunities

  • Increased investment in manufacturing domestically

  • Innovation and product development using wool

  • Increased revenue to Canadian sheep farmers

There are many stakeholders in this industry; sheep producers, wool manufacturers, designers, textile artists and fibre artists. It is time to push for better representation of the wool industry at all levels of government and industry and to see investment and support from both Provincial and Federal agricultural departments to promote this valuable product. We will see the industry grow with these actions:

  • The recognition of wool as a valuable agricultural commodity

    • Include processing, pricing and management information on the Government of Canada's website under the sheep and lamb section.​

    • Because wool is not recognized as a commodity within the various levels of government, it is a barrier for innovators and potential private investment to access the same funds and opportunities as those harvesting meat.

  • Representation for wool in all Federal and Provincial sheep based organizations

    • The Federal and Provincial sheep organizations have limited resources and capacity to adequately address the challenges and opportunities for the wool industry specifically. This means producers are not fully aware of the management protocol for wool, or how to increase profitability for wool.​

    • These organizations must prioritize wool representation as an agricultural commodity within the sheep industry (not simply a by-produt) and advocate for increased funding and support with all levels of government.

  • Funding for innovation and research for Canadian wool based products

  • Seed Funding for the development of large manufacturing facilities in Canada


Postcard Campaign
Send an email or postcard to your Provincial and Federal Agriculture Minister.

Currently the Provincial, Territorial and Federal Agriculture ministers are negotiating the terms and priorities for spending on agriculture for the next 5 years.

This agreement is called the Next Policy Framework. This is an excellent time to let our Ministers and Beauracrats know that we want wool and wool processing to be a priority going forward.

We are calling on all knitters, crocheters, spinner, farmers, mill owners and lovers of wool to add your voice.

Click HERE to learn more and get involved.

Wool Insulation Campaign

One of the greatest barriers to using wool as insulation is the Canadian Building Code. Let's work together to change the building code.


Future Campaigns

Do you have an idea for a campaign? Let us know how we can support or launch it!

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Join the Conversation about Canadian Wool 

Last Monday of every month

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Email to join the conversation

Monthly Virtual Coffee House discussions about key issues in the wool industry and solutions

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