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The Canadian Wool Collective is actively advocating for the interests of its members and the Canadian Wool Industry. Register to become a member of the Canadian Wool Collective and get involved in supporting the movement for Canadian Wool.


Benefits of Membership 

Alongside the working board, you can help shape the strategic plan as we move forward to promote and engage consumers in conversations about utilizing wool that has been sourced and processed in Canada. We want to help promote sheep farmers and producers across the country, and provide resources to continue advocating for wool as a valuable agricultural commodity. 


Each member will have a vote during our Annual General Meeting and their input on the decisions and direction of the Canadian Wool Collective.

Membership is $5 a year.


Notice for membership renewals will be issued by e-mail/mail more than 30 calendar days in advance.


*Please note that paid membership is not required to receive newsletter updates, or join the coffee house presentations on a regular basis.


Support the Collective

If you would like to support the work of the Canadian Wool Collective you can also make a donation. The collective is a volunteer run organization and 100% of all donations go towards promoting Canadian Wool Producers and the industry.

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