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Canadian Wool Certification

The Canadian Wool Certification program is an initiative to create a nationally recognized logo representing wool and value-added wool products that were grown and manufactured in Canada.

Image by Sean Thoman

Promote Canadian sheep farmers, wool producers, and manufacturers

Encourage transparency and traceability with wool and other value-added wool products in Canada

Educate consumers about wool and its benefits and the value of Canadian Wool

Work with other stakeholders to promote the Canadian Sheep & Wool Industry, with a focus on sheep producers.


Canadian Wool_logo_grey.png

Canadian Wool Certification Benefits

  • You can use the Canadian Wool branding on your products and marketing material

  • You will benefit from brand recognition as a 100% Canadian wool product easily identified by the branding

  • We will promote your brand and products on our website, our Provincial database and through our social media platforms. 

  • Your brand will be promoted at our in-person events and trade shows.

  • We will promote your brand and products in the media and with other stakeholders in Canada.

  • You will have access to our educational materials in your own business and product promotion.

Complete Application Form

To begin your application click here.

For questions about the certification please email

Review Application

The Canadian Wool Collective will verify your details to ensure products fit the criteria.

Certification Granted

Once supply chain is verified an acceptance package will be sent out.

Brand Roll Out and Support

The collective will work with businesses and brands to support and promote your products.

Steps to Certify

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